Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dear Utah,

Right now it's 35 degrees in Fargo, North Dakota. So, you may be wondering why in the universe some of the "coolest" inhabitants of Utah are moving to Fargo, well, this blog will detail all the information and plans you need to know about our move to Fargo.

So I know the number one question on everyones mind is: why?!?!

The prolonged story is this:

About 4 weeks ago, after attending a training conferent in Fargo, Amanda was driving to the airport with the CEO of Alligence Software. Mark, the CEO, of Alligence told Amanda that they were hiring for a customer support/training position. Amanda was a little taken aback about the informal offer, but said that she would have to talk to me first. Well, we discussed it and weighed out the option of moving to Fargo for 2 weeks while Amanda officially applied to the position. When the official offer was made, we thought it was reasonable, but we countered for a bit more and Allegiance accepted the counter offer.

Besides just the money (which is not a bad thing), it's really the chance for an exciting adventure in our life. I don't think everyone gets the opportunity to get paid to move across the country. We are looking forward to a great adventure!

Question Two: When and how? Well, the official move date is about the 28th of December. We are driving but the exact detail of how (and when) we have not decided yet. U-haul, U-Pack-It, Budget... We are not quite sure what we are going to do. Any suggestions are always welcome.

Oh, so back to the when, the schedule is looking like this, after my finals on the 17th we are driving to California to stay with Amanda's family then we are headed back to Utah to stay Chrsitmas with my family then we will be headed to Fargo!

About this blog: I thought it might be nice for me to have an outlet for mass communication about our adventures in Fargo.

G. Parker

P.s. There is a lot more to come, stay tuned.